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Updated Website Design

An updated website to better reflect the mission of Roomfilla. Here we cover our three main focus areas going forward; management & marketing, vacation rental chatbot and superhost tools. Fun times are ahead. … Read More

Airbnb Plus Requires Exclusivity

The Airbnb Plus program requires you only list with Airbnb. Listing with other channels can get your listing removed and they will and are actively trying to police this policy. … Read More

Doing More with Less

Learn about how Roomfilla manages to operate with such an efficient workforce. We use integrations and automations to help us run our business to a high level. … Read More

Introducing Roomfilla Rentals

We launched a direct booking site for the properties that we market. This will enable you to get cheaper pricing than anywhere else! … Read More

Is the Demonization of Short Term Rental Managers Justified?

Short term rental managers often get a bad reputation in the press. Is this justified however? Are they bringing about a higher standard of short term rental offering or simply cashing in? … Read More

Why you should think twice before signing up to AirBnB Plus

AirBnB Plus is the flagship program that AirBnB introduced back in February. A quick recap for those not in the know, the AirBnB Plus program enables hosts to pay a $149 fee directly to AirBnB so that a member of their … Read More

Airbnb’s Grace Period Security Issues

Airbnb’s Grace Period has some pretty major security issues like releasing an address and contact information before a booking is locked in. Here we explore how this might affect you and how you can eliminate the risks. … Read More

Airbnb Kills Group Payments – Failed Experiment

Airbnb has quietly killed the group payments feature on their platform. Why did they do this and why was the policy so hated by the host community? We look into just that! … Read More

The New Airbnb – Analysis

Brian Chesky, the founder of Airbnb recently went on stage at the Airbnb Open and announced a few new features. Here we analyze them and let you know what you can expect from the announcements. … Read More

How Roomfilla Optimizes Listings

How do we optimize listings? Why do we optimize listings? Lots of questions! A well optimized listing will give you a boost in traffic and ultimately mean your property gets more bookings. … Read More