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Mass market tourism ruins the local ecosystem. There are no winners and it is a race to the bottom. Our customers are looking for something different, something unique and personal. We partner with independent guides & operators to offer our guests unique experiences, personal trips, quality and fun

Off the Beaten Path

Our customers tend to want to do something a little different. They are not interested in the mass market activities and are looking for independent experiences

Quality over Quantity

Making customers feel special is ever so important. Our best activity providers keep groups limited and ensure every customer has a magical experience.

Trips on Land or Sea

Make guest reviews work for you. Leave automatic reviews for guests and send messages to them informing them of the process and how it benefits you.

Gain New Customers

Our accommodation customers are actively looking for things to do on holiday

Fill Your Slow Days

The more places you offer your trips and activities, the more likely they will sell

Save Marketing Money

Costs for getting new customers can add up, let us market to our customers for you

Grow Sustainably

Our customers love to talk, show them a great time and they will recommend you

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Indie Guides & Operators

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Receive more tourists and increase your revenue

Tourists will return. Are you ready?

There is no denying that now is a difficult time for tourism globally. The numbers coming out of the major economies are starting to turn positive. We expect tourism to rebound in the latter half of the year and are preparing for this. Are you ready to take advantage of the rebound? Partner with Roomfilla and we can both benefit