Doing More with Less

Here at Roomfilla we often get asked how we manage to keep our operations so lean and our output so high. We make no secret of using technology to the maximum within everything we do. Technology really is incredible and lots of manual processes can be automated. Now we are a few years into the Roomfilla journey, we have great workflows in place to identify processes that can be automated and make it a reality. We are constantly adapting and innovating our workflows so that we can stay at the forefront of the vacation rental landscape.

With unapologetically using the cliché running like a well oiled machine, that is what we like to think of ourselves. The Roomfilla team is lean, nimble and tech enabled to fight for higher profits for owners, great communication with guests and an overall great experience for all those we interact with. We are not perfect and we understand that but through constant analysis and development, we are fixing the areas that need fixing and run a constant cycle of improvement.

As we continue to move forward as a company, we will always be stronger than the previous day and this is a positive thing. This post is meant to be an introduction to a series of posts we will be creating showing an insight into some of the technological innovations that allow us to manage a large portfolio of inventory on such a lean employee count.


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