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Our model is simple, we only get paid if we get you bookings. There are no upfront costs just a 15% commission on any bookings we create

Hua Hin Property

Boosting ROI For An Owner

RoomFilla worked closely with a foreign property investor. With his property, we made a 12% return on investment in one calendar year. We are on course to repeat this again. Want to make more from your investment?

Penthouse in Phuket

Assisting Existing Rental Owners

More people are trying to rent out spare property on the short term market. It is hard. We helped one customer increase nights booked substantially! There is more money to be made through vacation rentals!

Pattaya villa for short term rentals

Additional Marketing Channels

Knowing where to market your property is key to success. RoomFilla chooses the best places to put your property for great results. We opened up a whole new market for an existing customer.

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