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Every night you have an empty room / bungalow / villa is a night it does not make money. Roomfilla are experts in filling empty lodgings
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Our methods and techniques work well with seasonal properties. We are just as likely to bring you a booking in the low season as we are during the peak months. Roomfillla specializes in filling your empty occupancy

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Roomfilla helps you to get bookings but we are also there to support your operations. We remain in contact with the guest throughout their stay. We provide them support and act as the intermediary for any concerns

Tech Based Marketing

Our business relies on the latest technologies available. We only message you when we can make you money. With the latest technology we provide a simple and smooth experience for our property partners

  • Jon Sarginson - Villa Owner

    "We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Roomfilla. Not only have they provided vital cooperation in our expanding business, they have also provided great support to our guests both prior to their arrival and during their stay."

  • Truong Thi My Linh - Revenue Manager

    "Working with Roomfilla has been a pleasure. They provide us with a high quality of guest and the guests get all the information from Roomfilla. We free up valuable time!"

  • Tryn Ninlakorn - Kohlife CEO

    "Roomfilla has enabled us to sell more travel tickets across Thailand through our partnership providing their guests with different transport options. The experience has been seamless."