Introducing Roomfilla Rentals

Ready for something new? We are! Roomfilla Rentals is launching which means that you can get all of our offerings direct on a specific rentals website. You may be wondering why we have done this and what it is all about. Let’s answer some of those questions and explain why such a site is good for us and also good for customers going forward. Before we jump right in, feel free to go to Rentals at Roomfilla now and check out all the hard work done by the team.

Why Create a Direct Booking Site?

Creating a direct booking website for Roomfilla is something that we have been toying with over the years. We have had great success working with our partners and continue to do so. There are however moments of friction that occur when working with other platforms and some policies are unfavorable. The high commissions also mean that the end user – you, the customer ends up paying more. If we can take a booking direct, we do not pay any of those fees. On average this means that bookings made via Rentals at Roomfilla will be 18% cheaper than you would find our properties elsewhere online.

The direct booking website also allows us to trial new areas and locations and whilst we by no means have our full inventory online yet, we will continue to add to it. We can test innovations and automations within our own booking website to see if they will work. Roomfilla after all prides itself on using the latest technology and systems to provide an exceptionally fluid experience for both us and our customers. With direct integrations with the BnBChatbot for our direct bookings, this is one area we hope to continue to excel at in the future.

  • Booking direct with Rentals at Roomfilla will be on average 18% cheaper than elsewhere our listings appear online.
  • Direct bookings will gain instant access to the BnBChatbot to find out information about their trip and location.
  • Customers who book direct will have the opportunity to get special offers and discounts on other services we offer which might not be available elsewhere.

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