Roomfilla’s Bangkok Magazine!

When people book a short term rental, there is sometimes a lack of service which they receive. Sometimes they don’t even meet anyone to get the keys and are left to let themselves in and out. This is OK but not great if you don’t know the area, sometimes you are in the hands of someone who is doing it as a hobby and doesn’t put the care and attention into all that they do. Again this is OK but better services do exist and as the short term rental market continues to mature, you as the consumer have the choice to get what you like from the experience. This is why we have created the Bangkok Magazine.

Over the past year, we have welcomed thousands of guests. Through these meetings with people from across the world, we have noticed that a lot of the people arriving in Bangkok are visiting the city for the first time. They often know some of the places to visit but then might get caught out on basic things like how to get a taxi and how not to get scammed. It is this local knowledge which really helps visitors to feel at home in a city.

Here at Roomfilla, we thought, how can we pass on this local knowledge to our customers and ensure that they have the best time possible and also feel super safe and prepared for the time that they spend outside. Sure, we like to think that we offer great apartments in the centre of Bangkok and it may be hard for guests to venture out but we do encourage people to get the best out of their trips. With this in mind, we decided to create the Roomfilla Guide to Bangkok; Roomfilla’s Bangkok Magazine!

This Bangkok magazine is a great resource and comes as standard in all our apartments in Bangkok. Not only does it provide you with a bunch of options on things to do, from cultural attractions such as the Grand Palace and Erawan Shrine to a look at more of the nightlife and rooftop bars and even places which are great for those who remote work. The magazine was put together by people working and living in Bangkok with these local insights of what is hot and what is current. The information provided is something that you just don’t get from other guidebooks and something we are happy to provide complimentary.

That’s not all. We also thought to ourselves, how can we make the lives of our guests easier during their time here, what services do we know and love and what if we could get deals with these companies and offer specific discounts. Ever since staying in a hostel in Berlin years ago and being handed a booklet of discounts for guests of the hostel, this seemed like a great idea and I am happy to say that we have managed to partner up with some great companies for this.

  • Need to take a taxi but scared of being scammed or them not using the meter? Why not stay with us and have a unique code so that you can save on your uber rides?
  • Fancy the attractions but want to learn more about the culture and heritage? How about going on a tour with a true local? TakeMeTour offers just this service and our customers have an exclusive discount.
  • Food delivery is great for those nights where either it is really raining hard, happens quite a lot during the monsoon period! Or where you just want to settle down with some alcohol and watch the latest films (provided by Roomfilla!). Through our partnerships with Ginja you get access to a variety of restaurants which come highly recommended in Bangkok with delivery in less than 1 hour and through Pizza Mania, you get one of the best pizzas in Bangkok or arguably Asia and you know what is even better? We have exclusive deals with both, just for our guests.
  • Then of course, there is alcohol. Thailand has quite restrictive rules on when you can and when you cannot buy alcohol, and it is super easy to be caught out in the stores. The selection is also rather limited. Wishbeer solves these problems. With a fine selection of local and imported beers, you will find something that you will love drinking. Best of all, we have a great discount for guests who want to order and delivery is done in the same day. Super for those who don’t want to carry heavy bags back to their apartment!

Roomfilla apartments are great value, clean and come with a minimum amenities quality guarantee, think of us as the brand of short term rentals you wish that existed. If you haven’t seen our Bangkok offerings, then you can check them out today on the channels that we operate. Mention this blog and receive an exclusive 10% discount on your booking.

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