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Updated Website Design

An updated website to better reflect the mission of Roomfilla. Here we cover our three main focus areas going forward; management & marketing, vacation rental chatbot and superhost tools. Fun times are ahead. … Read More

Doing More with Less

Learn about how Roomfilla manages to operate with such an efficient workforce. We use integrations and automations to help us run our business to a high level. … Read More

Introducing Roomfilla Rentals

We launched a direct booking site for the properties that we market. This will enable you to get cheaper pricing than anywhere else! … Read More

Is the Demonization of Short Term Rental Managers Justified?

Short term rental managers often get a bad reputation in the press. Is this justified however? Are they bringing about a higher standard of short term rental offering or simply cashing in? … Read More

Airbnb’s Grace Period Security Issues

Airbnb’s Grace Period has some pretty major security issues like releasing an address and contact information before a booking is locked in. Here we explore how this might affect you and how you can eliminate the risks. … Read More

How Roomfilla Optimizes Listings

How do we optimize listings? Why do we optimize listings? Lots of questions! A well optimized listing will give you a boost in traffic and ultimately mean your property gets more bookings. … Read More

Why Distribute Your Property Through a Channel Manager?

Using a channel manager enables your property to be listed on multiple different websites without you having to individually go in and add the details on each one. Super helpful! … Read More

Why Web Presence Is Important for Your Vacation Rental?

Having a web presence for your vacation rental is important as it allows your customers to find you and book. Without this, you reduce the potential revenue you could get! … Read More

Korean Regulations Override Airbnb Cancellation Policy

South Koreans get special cancelation policies on Airbnb, if you were not aware of this then it is worth learning more about. … Read More

Considering Running Airbnb in Thailand?

Thailand is a great tourist destination. Does it make a good destination to run an Airbnb business however? We look at some of the pros and cons. … Read More