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Introducing Roomfilla Rentals

Ready for something new? We are! Roomfilla Rentals is launching which means that you can get all of our offerings direct on a specific rentals website. You may be wondering why we have done this and what it is all … Read More

Is the Demonization of Short Term Rental Managers Justified?

I get it, the promotion of sites like AirBnB follows this sort of story – You book a room with Dave in Paris. Dave meets you at the door, gives you a bottle of his favorite wine and agrees to … Read More

Why you should think twice before signing up to AirBnB Plus

AirBnB Plus is the flagship program that AirBnB introduced back in February. A quick recap for those not in the know, the AirBnB Plus program enables hosts to pay a $149 fee directly to AirBnB so that a member of their … Read More

AirBnB’s Grace Period Security Issues

There were 2 features which managed to stir up resentment amongst AirBnB hosts over the past year. The first of these was the split payment policy which AirBnB made a big fuss over when they introduced. It was short-lived however … Read More

AirBnB kills Group Payments – Failed Experiment

In November 2017, AirBnB introduced a controversial feature called Group Payments / Split Payments or however else you want to dress it up. The concept enabled guests to book properties on AirBnB and split the costs with their friends. How … Read More

Introducing Roomfilla Neighborhoods

When we created Roomfilla there were a few things which we always wanted to provide. These are in the foundations of how the company is run. The first of these is exceptional short term rental properties in great locations. Secondly, … Read More

Korean Regulations Override AirBnB Cancellation Policy

A lot of people who host on AirBnB are wary of the cancellation policies. Keeping a strict cancellation policy gives you the peace of mind that once a booking is made, some of the money is secure. A lot of … Read More

Introducing the Vacation Rental Chatbot

Here at Roomfilla we are constantly looking at ways that we can provide a better service, a more direct service and a service that gives customers the most possible information on their own terms. Some guests like to ask a … Read More

Best ways to Contact AirBnB Quickly and Direct!

Contacting AirBnB isn’t always easy. Be it if you are a guest or a host, you may need to get in touch with AirBnB due to some issues. Their website is pretty hopeless and works as a maze where you … Read More

How to cancel as a guest on AirBnB responsibly

There are many reasons why you may need to cancel your reservation on AirBnB with a host. You may have had a sickness, your plans may have changed or you might not be able to make it to the property … Read More