About Us

Roomfilla has been helping property owners and managers increase the revenue they produce for their properties since 2015. During that time we have learnt a thing or two and are delighted to be a tech first company pioneering the latest advances in the industry

People Matter

Roomfilla is a small team operating out of Southeast Asia. We are a fully remote company with no traditional office. The staff love to travel and we have an unlimited vacation policy to aid this


We operate primarily within Southeast Asia with a strong presence in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. We are currently expanding to other territories to give us a truly global presence

Tech First

Being a tech first company is super important for us. Using technology to stay ahead of the curve and run our business more efficiently is essential. It also means we can run fun experiments and try new things

Our story

The company began out of necessity. Our founder saw an opportunity to rent out his apartment over holiday periods and actually stay in a hotel himself, pocketing the difference. After doing this a few times, he figured that it would be create a business model helping others rent their properties.

Roomfilla is more than just a marketing company however. We soon learnt that the whole vacation rental industry was expanding but somewhat unprofessional. Owners and managers needed help with customer service, cleaning and more. Services that Roomfilla is more than happy to provide to our clients!