Why Choose Managed Airbnb Hosting?

Airbnb and other vacation rental websites take a lot of time to manage. They are nearly a full time job if you want to make the most of your property and get the most bookings possible. That is why there are services such as Roomfilla which can take care of everything for you. The day to day handling of your property and online presence can really add up and that is why through this article we want to show you and hopefully convince you of the benefits of managed AirBnB hosting.

Customer Enquiries

Having a spare property and trying to answer all the customer enquiries quickly can take a lot of your time. If you are working a full time job it is often impossible to get the response rates that your potential guests deserve. There has been research that the quicker you can reply to guests, the more likely they are to convince a booking. It can be the difference between someone choosing your property or choosing someone else’s. With managed AirBnB hosting you can be ensured that the response times are lightning fast! Often the response time will be a matter of seconds and minutes but is definitely within 2 hours. Could you handle that yourself?

There is also the little fact that customers like to ask questions. There can be as much as a back and forth of up to 20 messages with question after question. Now, answering these all is not the problem but answering them all quickly and building the relationship with the guest in a quick and efficient manner whilst keeping response rates up can be a little tricky. Have no fear, Roomfilla are experts in this.

Random Phone Calls

We all enjoy our time off right? There is nothing worse than enjoying a nice relaxation to then be disturbed by a random unknown phone number calling you. We get this a lot due to the nature of our managed AirBnB and vacation rental service. It is our job though so we love it! Most of the time it is a guest who has arrived at the airport and needs directions to the property. We are happy to oblige. We can talk to them in multiple languages and ensure they are on the right path to reach the property without any further disruptions.

Now, you may be thinking the odd phone call is not such a bad thing but you have to keep in mind that the airlines these days like to make use of very strange landing times. This means that you may have someone turning up to the property very early in the morning or extremely late at night. Getting disturbed at this time can be a little bit annoying to say the least, so why bother going through it? Just let someone else handle it.

Best Listing Practices

We know vacation rentals. Chances are if you are new to listing a property on a site such as Airbnb, you will not know which way to put it up to attract the most interest. We have a team who love to optimize descriptions and choose the right images in the right order to maximise the interest. It can take a lot of time to list a property and get it just right, why bother spending your precious time doing it? Just give us the information and we can do the rest. We can even recommend pricing based on similar units.

Our whole objective is to make your life easier and by knowing which websites to use, what pictures and description and which pricing we promise to you to increase the amount of bookings for your property. If you have not considered managed AirBnB hosting, this is a key element to consider. We are here to help you.

It’s Free!

What? You are kidding me? Kid you not! The best thing about managed Airbnb hosting is that it is free. There are no upfront costs and works purely on commission. Therefore if we fail in our pledge to get you more bookings, we do not get a penny. No loss to you and so much to gain. That is not all. We see the value in spreading your property across the Internet with more than just one site. The more outlets there is for your property to be seen, the more likely you are to get bookings for it. That is why, with Roomfilla your property will be seen on over 15+ sites specializing to all nationalities. We have great success with getting a global audience and global customer base from the far reaches of the globe.

If we have managed to convince you that a managed Airbnb hosting service would be perfect for your needs, no need to hesitate further. Please check out our frontpage and click on the ‘Start Today’ button. We are always happy to help!

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