Where Do I List My Vacation Rental?

There are a ton of places you can put your property for the vacation rental market. Short term rentals is a growing market and it is only going to get bigger. Where is the best place to put your property? How do you know where you are going to get the most bookings? Confused? Well, I bet you are not alone. There are so many different sites screaming for your attention, of course it can be confusing

There is however something secret. Something totally secret which will rescue you from these problems. The secret will reveal to you how to maximise the return on your property investment and make the most of the short term rental market. Are you ready for the revealing of such secret? I don’t think you are… Oh ok… here we go.


You Can Use Multiple Sites!

Huh, really? Yes! The more sites you use to market your property, the wider the audience reach will be. If you only list on one site then you are only going to get the results from the one site whereas all the other sites which are effectively their competitors are spending a lot of money on advertising. Why bother spending money on advertising yourself when you can just list on multiple sites and let the different channels fight it out and get you the bookings.

With this method, instead of your property just reaching the one audience, it will be able to reach multiple audiences. Multiple audiences means multiple bookings. It really is that simple. The more people that look at your property, the more likely there will be someone who will commit and make a booking for it.


Keep These Things in Mind!

There are a few things you have to keep in mind when using this approach, firstly is the calendar. If you have your property on multiple sites then you may get a lot of interest in the same periods. Christmas is always popular! If someone books on one site and then a different person books on another platform then you are pretty screwed. Someone has booked a property which isn’t available!

It is also a ton of work. If you have a job or are not that tech savvy then going through all the different sites you find and using their individual interfaces to write the property descriptions and put them live is not going to be easy. It takes a lot of time. A lot of time! It also makes it quite the pain when you have to update pricing or a change in the description. There are definite benefits to listing on multiple sites but there are also clear downsides.


Take Aways

To maximize the chance of getting successful bookings for your property you need to ensure that you widen the marketplace by putting it on multiple properties. Makes sense right? Well, of course it does, but you also need to keep in mind the fact that this can take quite a bit of time and you may have problems down the road with calendars if you do not keep on top of things. Ultimately, running a short term vacation rental is not an easy task and if you can’t commit to it then it is worth rethinking whether it is really worth it for you.

Of course, there is another way! Roomfilla is here to help with these problems! With one click, you can get started with Roomfilla and we will do the rest. Your property will appear everywhere and we guarantee to keep you free of double bookings. The best part? All the work is done free of charge. We only take a fee when we get a booking. If you are interested and I know you are, why not sign up here!

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