What If We Could Get You a Greater Yield on Your Investment?

Banks were always seen as a safe place for keeping your money. With the financial meltdown in 2008 and the lack of interest rate rises since, this is not the best way to ensure that your money does not depreciate with time. There must be a better way to keep your money I hear you ask. Well, here at Roomfilla, we will let you into a little secret. The other age old safe bet property is still hot for making a large return. The best returns however are not got by just holding onto a property if it is empty or by renting it out on the short term market. The best returns are got if you decide to take it onto the short term rental market.

What if we could get you a greater yield on your investment? Of course, us saying this is one thing. Us doing this is something completely different. I hear you yelling from the rooftops that proof is needed to prove that we can deliver what we say. Have no fear, we have data from a whole year of someone who invested in a property in Hua Hin. They bought a modest sized 2BR house fairly near to the centre of town and just 1.5 km from the beach. They gave the property to Roomfilla and we worked our magic.

Within 1 calendar year, we managed to get them a return on investment of 12%. Not too bad and a lot more than they would get through using traditional banks savings accounts, even an ISA. Why are short term rentals such a good bet and why do they create such value for investors? Well, the thing with short term rentals is that you can often purchase a property for a reasonable price and if you look at the rental yield for traditional 1 year rental agreements then you can make the price of a month rent by usually renting out just 10 days a month. Therefore if you beat this target then you will be in profit.

If you take seasons into account and busy periods such as Christmas and holidays then you have a great chance of being able to increase the price further and make more money. At this moment in time the banks are not a good choice for keeping your money. There are much better places to put it. If you take the dip and invest in property and just have it sitting empty then there are better things you can do with it. If you are too busy or want a professional expert in marketing to the widest possible audience and someone who can build relationships with potential guests. Look no further, Roomfilla is here for you.

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