Why Web Presence Is Important for Your Vacation Rental?

This is a good question and something which should be taken seriously. Web presence is an investment, but it will pay off for your brand. Having a web presence for your property enables your customers to connect with you directly. Channels such as AirBnB, TripAdvisor and HomeAway are great for getting bookings but they all take fees. If your customers can book directly with you and ask you questions directly they will have a great experience. Providing a great experience for customers will increase the chance of repeat bookings and establishing your business in the long term. Learning why web presence is important for your vacation rental is important! Mastering the case for web presence could be the difference between a break-even business and one that makes great profits.

What does web presence do for me?

Another good question! Web presence enables you to take bookings and payments directly online. It also enables your customers to get in touch directly and ask any questions. There is always a bit of a barrier with sites like AirBnB and it feels a little restricted for both host and guest to ask questions. If you have a website with a great contact form or even an online messenger where customers can talk directly with you, you will win.

Setting up a place that guests can book direct can be difficult and of course you want to ensure that it is synced with your other calendars. This is something that we can do for you. We do it well and are sure you will have direct bookings before too long. Your property and your business look more professional with a beautiful web presence. A lot of websites are stuck in the 90s and could do with an update. We use the latest techniques and design methods to ensure your website will stand out. Not only will it stand out and perform well on google, it will look professional and give potential customers the comfort they need to know that your running a legit business and confidence they need to book.

What are the other benefits?

On average, a third party channel such as AirBnB or TripAdvisor takes bookings for you, but they also take commissions. It is not uncommon for a guest to end up paying 15-20% more money than ends up in your bank account. This is rather expensive and drives up the price of short term rentals for no good reason. If you play your cards right with a personalized web site, you can avoid these fees. This means that your guests become more happy as they are getting a cheaper deal and you are happy as you have the direct booking. Great, so the guest gets a cheaper deal but how does that benefit me?

This is another great question! When a guest books directly on your own website, you will get the payout quickly. Channels like AirBnB, TripAdvisor, HomeAway etc will pay the money to you on the day after the guest checks in. This is unacceptable in a lot of cases and means that if a guest books months ahead, the channel is holding onto this cash when it should be with you. Having your own website ensures that when the guest pays, the payment will go to you. This tends to be 2-3 days after the booking is confirmed. Starting to run a business where you get cash before the guest checks in sounds like a better deal than what the majority of other channels offer you!

Isn’t having a website made expensive?

It really depends who you ask. Some people will want thousands of dollars to create a website. Some people are not used to making websites for this type of segment and others are still deploying those 90s and early 00s techniques. Website design can be daunting if it isn’t something that you have looked at before but it really doesn’t have to be! Nor does it have to be expensive with Roomfilla! We specialize in making these sorts of websites and know what is needed to make them attractive, stand out and converting. Through our experience and knowledge in this area, we are able to offer a rock bottom price.

We also don’t disappear when you need something updated. We are here and ready to help! We have excellent hosting for the website to ensure it is speedy and online at all times. Technical jargon and using terms you won’t understand makes no sense! We keep things simple and the website looking excellent.

If you are interested in a website made by Roomfilla for your property, check out our services page today.

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