The Pre-emptive Minibar!

One of the things that we pride ourselves on at Roomfilla is our service, we want you to have the best time possible when you are staying in some of our properties. This is why we have introduced a pre-emptive mini-bar for people who book our properties in Bangkok. What is a pre-emptive mini-bar you may ask?

Unlike a traditional mini bar which you will find in a hotel, where everything is given a price and labeled up, we give you the option on what you would like before you book. If you want to order tea, coffee, milk or cereal we have you covered. If you would like some beers in the fridge, we can also do this. We even can offer you a fine selection of spirits. What you will find with our pre-emptive minibar is that it takes the hassle out of arriving at an unfamiliar place with no idea of where to get some of the items you would like.

So how simple is it to order? Very! After a booking is confirmed for one of our Bangkok properties, we will send you a link to our minibar, here you can browse the selection, choose your items and even enter the payment. Once this is done, we will log the purchase against your booking and ensure that the items are put into the apartment at the right place. If you order beer, this will be put in the fridge. If you order milk, we will buy it to give you the longest possible date to consume it.

Why did we create this? We listen to our guests, usually when guests arrive, one of the first questions that they have is where they can get these grocery products. If arriving at midnight or later, it often isn’t convenient to go and get these things after a long flight, that is where we come in, we make it super easy, quick and seamless to get you the items you want for when you need them.

You can check out the sort of things on offer in our pre-emptive minibar by clicking this link now

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