The New Roomfilla Site!

If you have visited this website before, you will notice something different. The site has changed. It is different. We decided to make things simple and really drill down on our key message. We can make your property appear everywhere. We make it appear everywhere. Your property is now on 20+ sites. That isn’t all. The property is also managed. No more dealing with guest enquiries. Enjoy your life and let Roomfilla do the work. All of this for FREE!

So why did we change the site? The old site was a mish mash of everything. We put the properties that we were managing on it and made it so you could search through them. Effectively, we created a mini marketplace. This confused our message. We do not want to be a competitor for other marketplaces. We want to help owners and property managers make as much money from their property as possible.

Why bother competing with AirBnB, HomeAway and the other giants of the industry when they have a marketing budget which will blow your mind. There is none. What is worth doing is making use of this marketing budget to increase the reach of your property. Something which Roomfilla does and does very well.

As we continue to scale the business, we will add more and more tips for existing hosts who are in vacation rentals. Our message is very much directed to them and we hope they have great success with their businesses. Of course, if you want the best from all worlds with your property appearing everywhere and guaranteed awesome managed service with no upfront costs, Roomfilla can help. It just takes one click to get started on a journey to additional revenue without the effort. Why not start today?

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