Terms & Conditions


Owners – Individuals or entities who own or operate accommodation.

Channels – Online marketplace websites where property can be advertised.

Guests – Members of the public who book to stay in an owner’s property through one of our channel sites.


  1. Roomfilla Pte. Limited provides services to market properties on behalf of owners onto multiple online channels. The standard package will see properties spread across 15+ different channels.
  2. Roomfilla Pte. Limited takes a commission on any of the nights that we book for owners. We do not charge any other fees other than this.
  3. Roomfilla Pte. Limited enters into a partnership with owners and has the right to market on websites where the owners are not advertising themselves. If an owner notifies us that they would like to advertise on a channel where we advertise, we will remove our adverts within 7 days.
  4. Roomfilla Pte. Limited has the exclusive right to advertise on channels where the owner is not advertising themselves. If Roomfilla Pte. Limited finds another advert from another provider then we have the right to get it removed.
  5. Roomfilla Pte. Limited operates an ongoing relationship with owners. This can be terminated in writing at any time. We will then close up our advertising efforts within 7 days. Existing bookings need to be honoured or compensation for these bookings needs to be produced.
  6. Roomfilla Pte. Limited can offer additional services such as cleaning, check in etc based on location. This is done on a separate agreement on a case by case basis and does not interfere with these terms and conditions
  7. Roomfilla Pte. Limited may update these terms and conditions at any time.
  8. Roomfilla Pte. Limited will be compensated for bookings which have been initially accepted and confirmed by an owner or their staff but then is found to not be possible. This is to protect our guests.
  9. Roomfilla Pte. Limited reserves the right to terminate a relationship with an owner if a property falls below standards or is there a lack of communication over an extended period of time.
  10. Roomfilla Pte. Limited will transfer the amount for the booking less the commission in a timely fashion.
  11. Roomfilla Pte. Limited is the direct contact between owners and guests. If any disputes or complaints arise, Roomfilla Pte. Limited will mediate and find a suitable solution.
  12. Roomfilla Pte. Limited expects properties to be in a fit state. If a property is not as advertised when a guest arrives, Roomfilla Pte. Limited reserves the right to ask for compensation to offer to the guest.
  13. Roomfilla Pte. Limited has exclusive rights to the photos used to advertise properties on different channels. If other adverts appear using these photos then Roomfilla Pte. Limited will report such adverts to get them removed as per these terms.