How Roomfilla Optimizes Listings

If you are new to vacation rentals or renting your property out short term, then you may not know all the tricks of the trade. That is ok! With thousands of properties in our portfolio of listings, we have learnt a thing or two along the way. Your property may look great. It is another thing to make it look great on the channels that we use to get bookings. Using certain methods to optimize your property will ensure it rises to the top. This means more bookings and more money for you. Without further ado, let’s go into how Roomfilla optimizes it’s listings.

Responding Quickly

This is one of the easiest ways to boost your rankings. If somebody sends an enquiry for your property, respond to it quickly! It is that simple. If you respond to all enquiries within an hour, you will have the best response rate and be boosted by the algorithms of the website. I know what you are thinking… it is hard to respond within an hour if you get an enquiry in the middle of the night. This is true! This is also a reason to use a service like Roomfilla.

We have the mechanisms in place so that all of our listings are covered by a response within 1 hour. This is guaranteed and ensures that we are in that higher bracket of responders. Boosting rankings is obviously important but responding quickly also ensures that a potential guest has a great experience. The quicker the response to the guest, the more likely they are to follow up with a booking. Bookings equal cash and that makes everyone happy!

Pricing Optimization

Actively looking at the pricing of other units in the area helps us to keep our offerings competitive. Some of our clients give us set pricing and that is ok. We will work with what we have to get you as many bookings as possible. If your pricing is a little bit more flexible and you are willing to take our input, we may be able to price you at a more competitive range bringing in more bookings. Doing this will increase occupancy and may be the result of just a few $ less per night.

Pricing is also something which should change. If somebody is booking for a weekend or for a peak period such as new year, they expect that the property will be more expensive. If you do not optimize pricing for these periods, you are literally leaving cash on the table. Through our years of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t and are more than happy to help any of our clients set a clear pricing strategy for their properties.

Great Descriptions & Engagement

It is important to make your listing look good. Looking good and reading good are important. Creating captivating descriptions will help to draw potential guests to engage. Once they have engaged, following up quickly and to the point is imperative to closing the deal. All of our enquiry agents have an exceptional level of English. We also pride ourselves on learning about the locations that we offer.

Being knowledgeable about the area lets the guest know that we take pride in the places we offer. We can also give insights into good places to go or how far the airport is etc. Providing this information opens up the doors to being able to offer the guest services that might be of interest to them such as taxi transfers or ferry tickets if the property is on an island. The more of a complete package you can offer the guest, typically the happier they end up being with the offering.

There are many more ways that we optimize the listings we offer. I hope you have enjoyed learning about some of them in the text above. If you do feel that Roomfilla could be a service for you, head over to our services page today and see what offer would best suit your needs.

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