Resort Listing, Why List My Resort with Roomfilla?

Increase Your Marketing Reach

You are probably thinking, my resort runs as a resort and doesn’t need to be marketed on channels which are traditionally popular with vacation rentals and short term properties. Well sure, if you are managing to fill your properties then why bother fixing what isn’t broken. If you do however have such things as beach bungalows or unique properties which are often not full during the busy periods or even more importantly the low season then looking at these channels can be super interesting for you.

One thing that listing on all of these different sites does for you is increase your marketing reach, you are now reaching a lot of different people who wouldn’t have seen you before. The more eyeballs you can get on a property, the more likely people are to book it. It is that simple. The challenge is still there though, a lot of these sites do not have an instant booking feature and guests like to ask questions.

Answering Guest Questions

With these different channels, guests are likely to ask more questions. These questions can range from the geography of the region to specifics about the property. You need to respond quickly to ensure you get the best chance of confirming bookings and need to be accurate in answering the questions. If you do not have good English skills or are not comfortable working on a computer all day then this may be a problem.

Once a booking is confirmed, you also need to tell the guest about where to go to reach the property. I know, you are probably used to something like where a person looks at the address and makes their own way there. This is not the case with these different marketing channels and resort listing on them throws up these additional layers of service which need to be taken care of.

How Can I Make it Easier?

Of course there is a way, resort listing, why list my resort if I am unable to deal with the conversations and additional levels of service? Well, we are here to help with that. Roomfilla is a specialist in ensuring that guests have the best possible experience when they enquire about your resorts on these sites. We ensure that enquiries are answered clearly and we give the guest all the information that they need to have a successful check in. It is that simple, let us deal with your pain and send you more money now that you have opened up a whole new channel of bookings.

What’s The Catch?

There is none, this is what we are experts in doing. There is no upfront cost. We do all the work and take care of everything and just take a commission on any successful bookings that we send your way. Our rates are cheaper than you are probably paying to, agoda and other OTAs. Give us a try and if we don’t get you bookings then nothing is lost. If we do get you bookings then we have got you something which you didn’t have before. Check out our form on our front page and start today!

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