Property Rental in the Digital Age

Is there anything you do currently that can’t be done more efficiently on the internet? Literally everything now has an app or website dedicated to making your life easier, and this didn’t miss property rental.

Renting property is a huge industry, websites such as Airbnb are now household names, people know about them and they tell other people about them. So really, if you have a place you want to rent out then this is the right path to go down. Property rental in the digital age is just beginning..

If you are struggling to connect with the digital generation of rental then don’t worry, we are the leaders in managed property rental and we make it pretty easy for you.

As a property owner, what were your options before the internet?

  • You could approach an agent, paying them a fee to keep your property on the books. Here you were often paying a fee just to have your name on a list, not knowing if they would make an effort to actually sell anything.
  • You could spend a fortune on advertising in magazines or print your own fliers, hoping the right person would see them. This works but of course, you would be paying money and spending time on something that could and should be a lot easier.
  • You could join a referral chain, like a hotel group that ensures you keep your property to a high set of standards and then you use their namesake and notoriety to get tenants. This obviously involves a high share of profit heading straight to the chain. Hmm.

And now…

Well, with the internet also comes a lot more direct communication, with property owners being able to set their own terms. Here is a quick list of the advantages to listing your property on the world wide web.

  • We advertise your place for free. There is no fee for listing your property. We just ask for a 15% commission when we get a booking.
  • We put your property on multiple platforms ensuring maximum exposure. This takes time, and is often fiddly. We streamline it all for you.
  • You have very little to do once you provide us with your property details. You choose the photos we use, you give us a nice property description, make sure that it’s clean etc. Then we will be in touch when you have a booking.
  • We make sure the right people are seeing your place, you have made the move to the internet and so have the people looking to rent. We can feature properties, target adverts, basically get your properties seen by the right people.
  • The research is all done for you. It is in our direct interest to sell your property, otherwise we wouldn’t have a business. We understand you don’t have the time to figure out the best formula, the best methods, etc for getting your property rented as much as possible. Well we do. It’s our job. Connectivity is key, and we at Roomfilla have the logistics figured out.

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