Offer for Bangkok Condo Renters!

Are you living in Bangkok, but will be gone for a holiday? Do you want someone to take over your property just for a holiday? Would you like another source of income while your room is just sitting empty? If any of these questions apply to you, let RoomFilla help you!

Now, don’t worry if you don’t know where to start. We have an expert team in Bangkok to ensure your property gets attention in the short term market. If your condominium is available for at least 30 days, just talk to us and we will get everything set up for you! We even have a professional cleaning team to both help you clean and damage-control your condominium. Save your time and money from having to advertise and find people yourself by letting us help you. All you have to provide is the place!

For a limited period of time, get an instant cash offer for the period of time your condo will be empty! Leave the advertising and managing to us. We are confident in our practices as we have great staffs with great effort to make your lives easier. We will find renters for you. Instead of leaving your condo to collect dust for months, let us help you rent it out!

If you are worried about scammers, there’s no need! With experience in hosting over a thousand guests over the past year, we have learnt great ways to ensure we limit our exposure to fraudsters and unscrupulous characters. You can have the peace of mind that your property will be as safe as possible in our hands.

Currently, this promotion is only available for Bangkok property owners. If you are interested, but live in other areas, please email us at! We would love to discuss other offers with you!


  1. Chonlada


    Just wondering if you provide all of the below services?

    -coordinate rental (emails and handle payment)
    -deliver key
    -cleaning and get ready for new guests

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