Introducing the Vacation Rental Chatbot

Here at Roomfilla we are constantly looking at ways that we can provide a better service, a more direct service and a service that gives customers the most possible information on their own terms. Some guests like to ask a lot of questions, this isn’t an issue and we are more than happy to provide the answers they seek! Some guests like to be able to do research on their own terms, this is fine also! What we tend to not be able to get away from is providing the check in details, wifi passwords and information about the surrounding areas on a continuous basis, fully updated without lots of repetition. We are pretty happy to announce something new today, something which is a game-changer in the vacation rental industry. Today, we launch the vacation rental chatbot.

Huh? What’s a chatbot?

The vacation rental chatbot is the next level in service for customers who book with us. Interact with our bot to learn more about your stay! If you want to know more about the property, ok! If you want to know more about the area, ok! If you want to know more about the local attractions, ok! I think you get the picture, the bot has the answers to all your questions. The best thing? It learns. We want it to be the best helper you have ever had and so are using AI and Machine Learning practices to enable it to get to grips with your enquiries.

Whilst the bot develops and grows it will be able to pick out certain messages to a higher level. Type in wifi, you’ll get that password! How about the wifi? You’ll still get it! We will be rolling out our chatbots for all our properties over the coming months. If you book with Roomfilla, you get a high quality property, a high level of service and the latest in technology.

Will it try to kill me?

Don’t worry! It isn’t like that little girl from The Ring. It cannot jump out of the screen! Our chatbots are here to help you have a great experience. If you do receive a message like ‘Destroy all humans’ do get in touch. It is probably just an error.. (promise)!

Can I try it?

Book one of our properties in Bangkok today and you will be one of the first to get to sample our vacation rental chatbot. We’ll be sure to let the bot loose on you and you will not know what to do with all the suggestions and useful information coming to your screen. If you are not planning to come to Bangkok hold tight! We’ll be launching chatbots across all of our offerings over the coming months.

Chatbot? I’m a vacation rental owner… I want one!

We think sharing is good. We are part of the sharing economy after all! If you are a vacation rental owner or manager and interested in offering a chatbot to your customers, get in touch with us today! We’ll have more information regarding this on a separate page at a later date!

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