Introducing Roomfilla Neighborhoods

When we created Roomfilla there were a few things which we always wanted to provide. These are in the foundations of how the company is run. The first of these is exceptional short term rental properties in great locations. Secondly, an excellent service on par with what you would receive in a hotel. Thirdly, all the additional services that you need to have a successful trip in a foreign land.

Short term rentals have gained more popularity in the past years and there are more ways than ever to discover and book properties. We try to stay on top of the trends and listen to feedback from our customers. What we found was a lot of people coming to the region, travel around. They don’t just stay in one city and are often on multi-week or month trips. With this, we are excited today to announce Roomfilla Neighborhoods, a simple and efficient way to search and book properties in specific locations. Best of all? They are all cheaper than on other sites as we pass the booking fee saving onto you directly.

How does this work?

The team have been busy and we are delighted to announce an alphabet of websites ready for browsing. The first 19 of these are now live. We will be pushing more websites live in the coming days and creating a Properties link on our website. These websites are fully functional and we are able to assist you in getting the property you want, in the location you want. It really is that simple.

One of the main things that we find when dealing with customers in the short term rental space is people like their independence. They like to make their own choices. They like to do things on their own time at their own schedule. As we have continued to grow our inventory, it has become more of a challenge for us to successfully recommend and suggest listings. We figure that if we can live up to our own high standards and provide an exceptional experience in one location, a guest may want to consider us for their next destination and now we can help them with this.

What locations are you launching?

Great question! We will be opening up specific sites for properties across the Southeast Asian Region. There will be specific Roomfilla Neighborhoods for Phi Phi IslandsKoh LipeKoh PhanganBangkokKrabiPhuketPattaya and Chiang Mai within Thailand. We also have Roomfilla Neighborhoods in Boracay and Palawan in the Philippines with an overarching Philippines site for other destinations there. In Cambodia, Roomfilla Neighborhoods cover Phnom PenhSiem Reap and a complete country-wide site. Vietnam is a country we are always excited about and are delighted to have Roomfilla Neighborhoods in Phu QuocHoi AnDa LatDa NangSaigon, and Hanoi. Those looking at Malaysia can find us at our specific countrywide Malaysia Neighborhood and those heading to BaliLombok or the Gili Islands will also be happy to hear we have individual Neighborhoods for these sites.

Anything else to share?

Launching a whole alphabet of sites at the same time is quite a challenge so we’d like your patience and feedback with using the sites! Roomfilla is also creating a special offer page. This will consist of special offers for specific properties for specific dates. The locations will vary and we’ll team up with our owners to provide our audience with a super experience. That’s all for today folks, watch out for the properties tab appearing on our navbar in the coming hours!

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