Guest Services for Short Term Rentals are Here!

Over at Roomfilla HQ, we have been working hard over the past few months and thinking about how we can make our guests feel even more comfortable when they come to stay in one of the properties that we help to manage. We then thought back to our own experiences travelling and well, the first time in Bangkok. We got caught up in the taxi scams and ended up paying a lot more for the fare than we thought!

Now we know this doesn’t happen to everyone but there is definitely some anxiety when arriving in a new place and not knowing how things work. With the guest services for short term rentals that we are launching today, we want to be able to assist guests with these things. If you want to book a transfer, we want it to be easy, inexpensive and an experience of VIP style with someone waiting for you at the airport with a card with your name. This is now a reality.

We thought outside the box a little though. We thought, transfers are great but often people want more. When people only take a short holiday every year, they want everything to be perfect from the get-go. They want to get off the plane, get to their accommodation quickly and without fuss and to get going with enjoying themselves. What better way to enjoy yourself than with an icy cold beverage on arrival? There isn’t! That is why we have started a service where guests can book this for their arrival.

We will be adding more services, more destinations and more choice in the coming weeks. This is a very exciting time for us and we are delighted to be offering these additional services that guests should come to expect and which we hope, become a trademark of the quality and service that a guest comes to expect when staying with Roomfilla.

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