Why Distribute Your Property Through a Channel Manager?

A channel manager can be a great way to distribute your properties across the web. Knowing what a channel manager is and what it does would be a good place to start! A channel manager is a way that certain information about your property is synced across multiple places. For example, to avoid double bookings, a channel manager would sync the calendars. This means that if you were to get a booking on say HomeAway, it would update this information across AirBnB, TripAdvisor and every other website your property is listed to ensure that you do not get double bookings. That is the basics of channel management and should give you an indication of why distribute your property through a channel manager.

How does a channel manager work?

The technical side of channel managers is something that we don’t have to get into much details about. Channel managers work because they plug into the APIs provided from the various different sites. With the API data, a channel manager can push and pull information. Pushing availability to one channel or website when it is updated via a booking in another channel. Sound complicated? It is quite! A lot of the technical know how happens in the backend though. You as a consumer do not need to worry about this stuff which is great.

Certain websites or channels have limitations on their API access. This means that whilst on some channels, calendars can be updated when a booking is made on another, on other channels it will only update other channels when a booking is made on that specific site. Likewise, some channels will pull the pricing information, photos, description etc when an update is made centrally but others will not. This is why channel managers have limitations and it can be a headache to deal with them.

Traditional channel managers are becoming outdated

The traditional version of a channel manager requires a certain level of technical prowess. You are often given a dashboard where you are expected to enter all the information yourself. You then have to reach out to the different channels and make the connections to push your properties live there. You are often not given much guidance or  help with which channels will work for you or any other nature of getting setup.

Setting up on a traditional channel manager is quite a manual process. It can take a lot of time and completely change the way your systems are working. Running through the complexities of such a task can often lead you wondering why you are bothering to do such a thing. Usually, you would choose to use a channel manager to make things simpler and not turn everything into a more laborious task.

How Roomfilla’s Channel Manager is different

For the above reasons, we set out to do something different. Something easy. Something that will make your life truly easier. Not only is the Roomfilla channel manager a distribution services for your properties across all channels, but we take care of all enquiries and everything right up to the point where the guest arrives at your property. If you are using the Roomfilla local service then even that is taken care of. When we say these things, we mean them. We take responsibly for pushing your property live, keeping it up to date. Answering all the enquiries and ensuring that guests and potential guests have a super experience.

It is not your job to be technical or to learn the system of a channel manager. You as a property manager, reservations manager or owner just want to see the returns of your property in the form of hard cash. We understand this. There is no point in creating any friction other than that. The Roomfilla channel manager is a fully serviced option for you to get the most from your property. We optimize, respond quickly and are professional in all our correspondence with potential guests. Our agents are trained highly and know how to convert customers.

If you are interested in taking your business to the next level, check out our services page today. We are waiting to be able to help you excel. Just get in touch!

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