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Is the Demonization of Short Term Rental Managers Justified?

I get it, the promotion of sites like AirBnB follows this sort of story – You book a room with Dave in Paris. Dave meets you at the door, gives you a bottle of his favorite wine and agrees to … Read More

AirBnB kills Group Payments – Failed Experiment

In November 2017, AirBnB introduced a controversial feature called Group Payments / Split Payments or however else you want to dress it up. The concept enabled guests to book properties on AirBnB and split the costs with their friends. How … Read More

Introducing Roomfilla Neighborhoods

When we created Roomfilla there were a few things which we always wanted to provide. These are in the foundations of how the company is run. The first of these is exceptional short term rental properties in great locations. Secondly, … Read More

Why Distribute Your Property Through a Channel Manager?

A channel manager can be a great way to distribute your properties across the web. Knowing what a channel manager is and what it does would be a good place to start! A channel manager is a way that certain … Read More

Resort listing, Why list my resort with roomfilla?

Increase Your Marketing Reach You are probably thinking, my resort runs as a resort and doesn’t need to be marketed on channels which are traditionally popular with vacation rentals and short term properties. Well sure, if you are managing to … Read More