5 Reasons to Stay in an Apartment Compared to a Hotel!

Traveling is great. People travel for all sorts of work, you may be traveling to find yourself or you may be traveling for work. When people travel, the first thing they often look at is how do we get there. Flights / trains / buses are booked first and then when the dates are confirmed, accommodation is thought of. Hotels are the standard providers of accommodation and you will often find yourself looking on say booking.com or Tripadvisor and before you know it you have lost 30 minutes looking at maps of places you don’t know and reading reviews. The thing is though, when you book a hotel, you are always pretty much getting the same thing. Why not turn your traveling into a real adventure? Here we will look at 5 reasons to stay in an apartment compared to a hotel!

There is so much space!

Hotels are optimized for money. Rooms are often no more than boxes and you don’t have the space to relax. Apartments are a bit more spacious as people live in them! There is a lot more space to lounge out and often more facilities for you to enjoy. The bathroom should be better equipped and you will even have a kitchen most of the time. When was the last time you were able to cook in a hotel? Oh yeah, hotels often just provide you with room service at exhorbitant prices which nobody can afford and make their bottom line fatter. Getting more space is a pretty decent luxury.

Cheaper than hotels

Apartments are generally cheaper than the price you would pay for a hotel. Imagine that! You can get a decent 2 BR apartment for cheaper than you would pay in some hotels and the finish can be very similar if not even better. There is the initial savings of the room price to consider and then you also need to think about the additional savings of not being in a hotel. No mini bar to be tempted by and the fact that you have a kitchen in an apartment is a major plus. Being able to cook instead of being forced to use an expensive restaurant will only help you keep more money in your pocket!


Some people take privacy very seriously and do not like the fact that they have to walk past a reception desk whenever they go to their room. Worse still are the hotels that require you leave the key card with the reception. Whenever you want to go to the room you need to ask for it which is a waste of time. With an apartment, you will get the key to access it and be left alone. That is it. Nobody looking at when you go out or what time you come in and you have the freedom to make the most of your privacy.

Wifi that works

One thing which really annoys me in hotels is when you log on to the wifi and they are using some crappy system that you need to enter a password and it times out after 30 minutes or an hour. The wifi also keeps showing you ads of things you can buy at the hotel etc. When I have wifi, I just want it to work and work well. The advantages of the apartment over a hotel are that the chances are that the wifi will be a personal solution and will just work. Sure, you probably cannot get away from the fact that you will have to enter a password but hey that is basic security. Once you have entered the password that should be it. No more interruptions or timing out. Super useful.

Room in the fridge

Seriously, have you ever been to a hotel and had that moment when you open the fridge and see all the mini bar items and there is ZERO space for anything else. Even worse is when they give you the complimentary water but they leave it out of the fridge with the fridge full just to spite you. You guessed it… with an apartment you do not have these issues, heck you can even do a whole shop and have plenty of room in the fridge for your use.

Did that convince you?

These are some pretty convincing reasons why to use a short term rental over a hotel. Of course, these are only our opinion and you are free to choose the right path for you. If you have been reading this and have a property sitting empty in a great location and are thinking of ways that you can make some money from it then have no fear. There are services that can help you (cough *roomfilla* cough), let’s talk and hear if it would be a good fit!

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  1. Ravi Jintendra Sanghvi

    I must say there are three main reasons for it. one is privacy, second is rates and third but not the least is a comfort of home. We can stay comfortable in apartments rather then hotel.

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