3 Reasons not to use booking.com for your next trip

Booking.com is a great website for booking hotels right? Of course it is! They have like thousands upon thousands of hotels to choose from, but at what price do these hotels have to give up their freedom to appear on booking.com and why is it that such a big site seems to have a monopoly. Do you like supporting monopolies and screwing hotels over if so carry on. If you want to support your favorite hotels and look for a better place then there is something more to do. Let’s look at 3 reasons not to use booking.com for your next trip.

Prices are high

Sites such as booking.com mean that a hotel will have to pay a commission for their services. The commission can range from anything from 5-20% or more! Booking.com charges 20%. 20%!!!!! This means that if you book through booking.com, the hotel will have to put the price up 20% to make sure that booking.com does not eat into their revenue. What does this mean for you the consumer? You pay 20% higher than the rate that you could.

Next time you find a hotel that you would like to stay in on booking.com, take the name and do a google search, chances are that you will find something. Email them and say that you saw them and are keen to stay and what price can they do for you. I can guarantee to you that nine times out of ten they will be able to beat the rate that has been offered on a site such as booking.com.

They act unfairly

Booking.com have been known to act unfairly. With hotels and short term rentals they have been known to ask for a quote of exclusive nights that can only be booked through their platform. This means that if you are operating one of these businesses and have another platform which is doing well with bringing in bookings, if you are using booking.com then you cannot open up all nights on it! This is bizarre!

There is no easier way to get a great deal than dealing directly with the business that you want to do business with. Middle men are there to profit from the exchange and will do everything they can to make it as hard as possible to ensure they are used. Always google search the business that you find on booking.com. Chances are you will be able to find a website or a facebook page which will have an email address for you to get in touch direct.

Short Term Rentals are better value!

I know what you are thinking… a site with an interest in short term rentals is going to say they are better than hotels but it really is true, see this earlier blog! There is more space, more value, more cost and more personal touches. You even get to meet the owner a lot of the time and will get the local insights this way. I’d rethink everything you know about traveling and look for another way of doing things. Short term rentals add a whole new dimension to traveling and staying in places when you are away from home.


Try it, we dare you. Use an alternative to booking.com for your next trip and you may be surprised. Perhaps go the whole way and use a vacation rental. A short term rental can be beneficial in so many ways. Roomfilla has a bunch of short term rental properties which we manage for owners. If you want to take the challenge of not using booking.com for your next trip, just let us know and we will be sure to cut you the best deal possible!