3 Advantages of Short Term Rentals for Business Travelers

Traveling for business is quite often a tiring experience. Usually a lot of meetings and if you have been flying long haul then you are expected to be able to get going from the moment you step off the plane. Usually you will be put up in some hotel which is in the centre of town but hotels can only provide so much comfort. They are all pretty generic and for a few days of business you need to be on your A game. Let’s look at 3 advantages of short term rentals for business travelers and see if we can convince you to opt for a short term rental for your next trip.

More Space to Relax / Work

Having a short term rental means that you are getting the best of both worlds, you have a place which is comfortable and you also get a lot of space. A lot more space than you usually get in a hotel. A hotel usually consists of 2 areas, the area where the bed is and the bathroom, both of these tend to be on the small side. With a short term rental you get the best of everything. The apartment is made for year round living and is therefore in essence made to be comfortable.

What you can often do in an apartment that you cannot do in a hotel is have the freedom to cook your own meals and have a decent table for working at. There is also a full sized bathroom which gives you the opportunity to wash and relax properly, super important if you have another full day of meetings planned for the next day.


We all know that business meetings can often run to all hours of the day and often into the early mornings. There is nothing worse than having to ask the reception of the hotel for keys when you have been in meetings all day and are tired and perhaps a little drunk. With a short term rental such as an AirBnB property or one through Tripadvisor, you do not have these issues.

Come as you want and go when you want. You are in control of the keys and there is no pesky reception keeping tabs on where you are and when. You will often find that you can find a vacation rental in a spot which would be better than a hotel also!

Control your Diet and Well-being

One of the main things we hear from business travelers is that because of the nature of their travels, their diet never takes priority. They often eat in the hotel restaurant and more often than not something that they don’t really want or something which is grossly heavy in calories. With the space of a holiday apartment you get the best of both worlds. There is a kitchen and people generally have their homes close to a supermarket so finding out where it is and buying the things you actually want is not a big deal.

You will be surprised the amount of people who blame their weight gains on business traveling and to an extent it is true. It upsets the rhythm of daily life and prevents you from your usual routine. Being able to cook when you are on your business travels is a major plus point. The only problem that remains is perhaps making time for it!

Are you convinced?

These are just three things which are advantageous of a short term rental compared to a hotel. There are of course plenty of other reasons. We will be looking at these in separate articles but we didn’t even mention cost. A short term rental is often a lot cheaper than a hotel. When you next set off for business traveling, we challenge you to book a vacation rental instead of a hotel.

If you get in touch with roomfilla and explain that you want to take this challenge. We will be happy to assist and will even throw in a special offer so you get a place even cheaper than you would anyway. Sound good?

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