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Common Scams to Avoid in Pattaya

Pattaya is a city located 2 hours from Bangkok. It is popular with tourists but also popular with scams. Here we look at some of the common scams to avoid in Pattaya. … Read More

Why Choose Managed HomeAway Hosting?

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Why Use Short Term Rentals in Asia?

Why it is useful to use short term rentals in Asia, they can be cheaper than hotels and you get more bang for your buck! … Read More

Vacation Rental Management in Asia

Vacation rentals are difficult. If you have run a vacation rental, you might have considered outsourcing it to a specialized company. Here we look at why this could make sense for you. … Read More

What If We Could Get You a Greater Yield on Your Investment?

Having money to put into property is always seen as a safe bet. What if you are utilizing that investment in the wrong way though? What if there was a way to get a better return? We show you how! … Read More

Why Thailand Is Perfect for Vacation Rental Investment

Have you considered investing in vacation rentals in Thailand? We look at why it could be a good option and some of the things to consider if you are deciding whether to pull the trigger or not. … Read More

The Hidden Cost of Vacation Rental Payouts

Vacation rental payouts from different platforms can cost more money than you expect. Here we look at how these payouts work and the best options to choose. … Read More

Are Reviews Important for My Short Term Rental Listing?

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The Best Vacation Rental Site Revealed…

There are a lot of different vacation rental sites out there. We look at which one is the best one. Are you ready? … Read More

Return of Investment in Thailand

What sort of return on investment would you be looking at if you invested in short term rentals in Thailand? We take a look! … Read More